Music Fundamentals + Flexible Structure + Accountability = You Reach Your Guitar Goals

TEST SP292_2There are great videos, books, and websites for guitarists of all levels, but none of them can address your specific needs and goals better than a good guitar teacher. There’s just too much information available for most folks to sort through on their own, and even the expensive guitar programs have lots of flaws. You need a good method and a good teacher.

 A Good Guitar Teacher Will Help You:

  • Reach your goals faster by prioritizing lesson material and creating a plan just for you
  • Prevent bad habits (and possible injury) by giving you regular feedback on your playing
  • Gain a solid understanding of the material because difficult concepts are clarified until you understand them
  • Feel confident and accomplished by holding you accountable and checking your work
  • Have fun because the concepts you learn are applied to the music you want to play

The Best Combination: A Method Book Designed for Students Taking Guitar Lessons

I wrote The Guitar Lesson Companion method book series because I knew that people learned best by studying with a teacher, and we all needed a new method book series. I talked with many teachers about the things that were lacking in other method books and they mentioned:

  • Not enough exercises
  • The exercises don’t sound musical
  • The books are not progressive enough

And I listened to what guitar teachers wanted in a method book:

  • A flexible structure that didn’t tell them how to teach
  • All the important concepts (reading, scales, theory, chords)
  • Spiral binding (Yep, staying open on the music stand is important!)

I used my 10+ years of guitar teaching experience, I took the advice of other teachers, and I created a better method book. I have used this series with my guitar students at Seattle University since 2006 and many of my current and former students are performing professionally. The books are also used by teachers and students in over 10 countries, including faculty at Berklee College of Music.

Then, Something Interesting Happened

Soon after my outreach campaign began, I started receiving messages from students who had seen the book but who couldn’t find teachers who would teach them the fundamentals of music found in “The Guitar Lesson Companion.” (A lot of guitar teachers just teach songs, not practical concepts in a structured format.) So I started a YouTube channel with lessons to cover all the concepts in the books.

It was great to be able to help so many folks from all over the world work through the books by offering them free lesson videos, but I knew that wasn’t enough. So I began offering webcam guitar lessons, and I realized that I had the opportunity to create one of the best online guitar programs.

The Best Online Guitar Program, Teacher Included

I’ve been teaching students online (via Skype) for about 3 years and I’ve been able to help many students from around the country work through The Guitar Lesson Companion method books and reach their goals. I love being able to offer lessons to folks who need structure and accountability while learning the fundamentals of music on the guitar, no matter where they live.

As with any kind of lessons, I think a good experience comes from working with a good teacher who can adapt to different situations. Just as teaching group lessons requires a different set of skills than teaching individual lessons, teaching students via webcam is different than teaching in person.

What’s Your Goal?

Let’s get started: Check out the FIRST YEAR PLAN, try the FREE SAMPLE, read some STUDENT TESTIMONIALS, and learn how you can get FREE PRIORITY SHIPPING on “The Guitar Lesson Companion” method books today! Then CONTACT me for lessons, either weekly or when you need help getting through the assignments.

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