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To Reach Your Goals, You Need: Music Fundamentals  +  Clear Structure  +  Accountability

There’s too much information online to learn guitar on my own!

I don’t want to learn “Mary Had A Little Lamb” or just a handful of cool riffs, I want real skills!

There are great videos, books, and websites for guitarists of all levels, but none of them can address your specific needs and goals better than a good guitar teacher. Most guitar teachers recommend a method book to their students, but the most popular books are boring and not very effective. “The Guitar Lesson Companion” method book series takes teachers and their students seriously, and it’s fun to use because it makes it easy to learn the skills you need to play the music you love.

What’s Your Goal?


Whether you need weekly guitar lessons, or just a check in from time to time as you work through the Free Lessons on your own, order “The Guitar Lesson Companion” method book series and get started today!

“The Guitar Lesson Companion” is used by teachers and students in over 10 countries, including faculty at Berklee College of Music. If your guitar teacher isn’t teaching you these skills, your music education isn’t complete.


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The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume Two $35 + $5 shipping
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Fellow Guitar Teachers: Let’s meet via Skype / FaceTime to see if this series is right for your students. Visit: The Teachers’ Lounge

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