I’m a little different than other guitar teachers because I teach the fundamentals of music using a clear structure that I tailor to each student’s goals and learning style.

Students develop a strong skill set to use in all kinds of musical situations, and many of my students perform all over the country, in various styles, earning their living from music.

I wrote The Guitar Lesson Companion method book series to help make teaching and learning the fundamentals of music easier and more effective, and today thousands of guitarists use these books!

I teach lessons and classes at my Guitar Studio on Capitol Hill, and now I’m offering a FREE Online Guitar Course so anyone who gets the books can finally master these crucial skills. Why? I want to make music education more accessible; all you need is the book, a guitar, and the internet to use this course! There are no short cuts but you will find a clear, effective, and modern approach to learning the fundamentals of music.

Contact Susan Palmer: LeadCatPress@gmail.com


THE FREE ONLINE GUITAR COURSE:  I based this FREE 5 Year Online Guitar Course off of my  two guitar method books and the syllabus I have used at Seattle University, where I have been an Adjunct Professor since 2006.

THE COURSE BOOKS YOU’LL NEED: “The Guitar Lesson Companion” is a two volume guitar method series that was designed to be used by students who are working with a good guitar teacher. Each book is 160 pages, spiral bound, and full of practical fundamental concepts and skills that will allow you to reach your full potential on guitar. Learn more about Volume One and Volume Two, or ORDER HERE for FREE SHIPPING.

Take Guitar Lessons with Susan Palmer

Joe Kirk: Guitar lessons with Susan helped to break down and organize my musical goals, creating an environment where I could advance to more complex playing styles while learning the musical building blocks that I largely ignored as a younger guitarist.

Mark: Over the years I’ve had a handful of guitar teachers and Susan Palmer is far and away the best I’ve had the pleasure to work with. It was immediately clear that Susan is completely committed to guitar instruction, her well thought out Lead Cat Press workbooks and ability to quickly tailor the lesson plans to my playing level and desired outcome enabled me to learn so much. Importantly, Susan held me to a high standard and pushed me to do the work that increased my understanding and enjoyment of the guitar, all with a pleasant and “chill” demeanor.

Rick Fortenberry, Sandpiper Guitar Studios: This ground-breaking book/CD is the one I wish I’d written for my students, but it’s also the one I wish I’d had when first seriously studying guitar. All the fundamentals and more are here. This is a good investment in a guitarist’s education.


Lesson Plan Overview: Don’t Be Scared!

Quickly find the lesson you need from “The Guitar Lesson Companion, Vol. 1”

Quickly find the lesson you need from “The Guitar Lesson Companion, Vol. 2”

Weekly Lesson Plan with Videos and Assignments for First Year Guitar Students

Weekly Lesson Plan with Videos and Assignments for Second Year Guitar Students

Weekly Lesson Plan with Videos and Assignments for Third Year Guitar Students

Weekly Lesson Plan with Videos and Assignments for Fourth Year Guitar Students

Weekly Lesson Plan with Videos and Assignments for Fifth Year Guitar Students

To get the most out of this Free Online Guitar Course, you’ll need to get the books so you can do the assignments. Start with Volume One, which takes about 2 years to complete. Order now or learn more.

Caution: No one follows this plan exactly, but everyone likes to see where they are and where they are headed.

Should you take guitar lessons while working through this material?

Guitar teachers who see you for weekly lessons will:

  • Answer your questions as they come up so you don’t feel stuck
  • Correct mistakes or issues you may not notice on your own, before they become bad habits
  • Pace your assignments appropriately, allowing you to make consistent progress
  • Hold you accountable to your assignments because you know you will be tested each week
  • Apply the concepts and skills you are learning to the music you enjoy that is at your level

Taking periodic guitar lessons allows you to:

  • Work at your own pace and within the limits of your busy schedule
  • Let your curiosity drive your learning, so you will have more questions at each lesson which may make you feel like you are getting a better value for each lesson
  • Feel more confident and prepared for each lesson that you do take, and even if you feel unprepared, you are ready for the guidance and structure to help you get back on track

Contact Susan Palmer: LeadCatPress@gmail.com