Are Webcam Guitar Lessons Effective?

unnamed-56Many teachers are now offering webcam guitar lessons to attract more students. Some of the teachers who offer webcam lessons are not, in my opinion, good or qualified teachers. At the least, some teachers are not selling themselves or their services accurately. 

The truth is that there are benefits and limitations to taking guitar lessons using a webcam. For some students, webcam guitar lessons provide the structure, education, and accountability that they need. Other students may discover that the limitations outweigh the benefits. If you choose to take webcam lessons, my advice is to stay away from teachers who say that webcam lessons are exactly the same as in-person lessons. Look for an honest teacher and you will be better for it.

Benefits of Webcam Guitar Lessons for Students:

  • Transportation costs, driving time, and parking hassles are eliminated
  • Lessons are longer since students can tune and warm up beforehand
  • It is more comfortable for students to play in their own home
  • Students have more teachers to choose from

Limitations of Webcam Guitar Lessons for Students:

  • Teachers cannot play along with students as they can in person because of the delay
  • Technology occasionally malfunctions

Learn More about my Online Learning Method to see how I work around the limitations of webcam lessons.



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