Intermediate Level Evening Guitar Class

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Have you been playing guitar for a while but have not improved in a long time?

Do you have gaps in your guitar playing that you don’t know how to address?

Are you a hard worker who really needs a clear structure to follow?

In this 5 week intermediate level guitar course, you’ll step out of those boring pentatonic scale patterns and learn to play the best notes over each chord. I’ll introduce new ways for you to think about rhythm so your strum patterns don’t all sound the same, and I’ll help you learn to apply music theory to your guitar using triad inversions with embellishments, which will give your comping new life.

Each week, we will focus on a main topic, and each topic will lead progressively to the following topic. Classes will consist of short lecture/demonstrations, and will be interspersed with jam sessions where you will be encouraged to apply and develop the new concepts. You will also learn practice strategies to help you master the concepts.

I’ll use the questionnaire you return to me to develop the specific lesson plan for each session, but our main topics may include:

  • Chord Tone Soloing
  • Creating New Rhythmic Feels
  • Triad Inversions with Extensions
  • Applying Music Theory to Your Guitar
  • Reading Rhythms in Standard Music Notation

Class Dates and Times:

  1. Monday June 1, 8:10pm – 9:00pm
  2. Monday June 8, 8:10pm – 9:00pm
  3. Monday June 15, 8:10pm – 9:00pm
  4. Monday June 22, 8:10pm – 9:00pm
  5. Monday June 29, 8:10pm – 9:00pm

Class Location:

The Guitar Store (300 Aurora Ave. N, Seattle WA 98103)

What to Bring to Each Class:

  • Your electric guitar, amp, and cable (or acoustic guitar)
  • Pencil and paper for taking notes

Tuition and Policies:

I expect you to be prompt and prepared for each lesson class. Tuition includes 5 evening Monday night classes in June. There are no refunds, no credits, and no make-ups if you miss your class(es). Tuition must be paid in full prior to our first class.

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