What To Get Your Guitar Playing Dad For Father’s Day

unnamed-35Around this time of year, I receive emails from some of my students’ families. They ask for Father’s Day gift suggestions for their guitar playing dads/husbands. I know my students well, so it is fairly easy to offer advice that I know will hit the mark. I have created a list  of some of my students’s favorite gifts they have received from family and friends. I hope this helps you shoppers get started, and fathers, message me if you’d like me to add a piece of your favorite guitar gear to the list! If my dad played guitar, I think he would play a vintage Fender from Emerald City Guitars and a PRS from The Guitar Store. My dad carried my guitar for me around Seattle once, and he said that people smiled at him more and it made him feel cool. Maybe everyone should play guitar… 

Rock Father’s Day!

  1. Good Guitar Case and Tick Bag (so he can take his guitar to his lessons and gigs)
  2. Noise Canceling Headphones (so he won’t be bothered by your TV show when he’s practicing)
  3. A Portable Amp With a Headphone Jack (so he can play in another room or outside and not bother you)
  4. Guitar Method Books (so he learns all the right skills)
  5. Boss Loop Pedal (because this is is a super fun, helpful practice/performance tool)
  6. Adapter to Connect Guitar to an iPad (so he can use all the awesome apps for guitarists)
  7. Guitar Zero (A great book about guitarists’ brains
  8. Jimi Hendrix Signature Licks (because everyone needs to learn some Jimi)
  9. Blues Guitar Book (this is a cool book that has lots of cool easy to intermediate level songs)
  10. Guitar Lessons (so he can learn the basics and/or get off the plateau he’s been on for a while)

Have a question or know of a great gift? Leave it below in the comment box so others can learn about it. Also check out my complete Guitar Gear Guide.



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