10 Reasons You Should Take Guitar Lessons with Susan Palmer

1) Teaching is my passion. Students sense this and they feel inspired to work hard.

2) My experience makes me a more effective teacher. I have been teaching individual (private) lessons and group classes in jazz, blues, and rock styles for over 15 years. I have been the guitar instructor at Seattle University since 2006. In 2010, I created and started teaching The Rock Project at Cornish College of the Arts. I also taught guitar and ukulele classes a couple times a week at Seattle Girls School for a year, and I run a private studio on Capitol Hill where I offer lessons and classes, as well as lessons via Skype/FaceTime.

3) I am dedicated to improving ways for guitarists to learn the fundamentals of music. The guitar method book series I wrote (The Guitar Lesson Companion) is used in over 10 countries, including by faculty at Berklee School of Music.

4) Students get help between lessons. I have uploaded over 100 lesson and jam videos on YouTube, and I am also happy to answer quick questions throughout the week via email.

5) I create a plan for each student to reach her/his goals. This helps us stay on track during our lessons so students reach their goals quickly.

6) I hold students accountable. If a student doesn’t practice, we talk about it and we develop a plan. If a student continues to not practice, I discontinue our lessons.

7) Teaching guitar lessons is my full time job. I really enjoy my work and I like to make lessons fun, but I always maintain a high level of professionalism in my studio.

8) The student’s needs and goals always come first. There is no single teacher who is capable of working well with every student, but I think that I am able to work well with most students. I network with many other excellent teachers and I am happy to refer students to them when I am not the best teacher for the student.

9) I do my research. There are new educational resources available all the time, and part of my job involves seeking out new learning tools for students.

10) My students are successful. Not all of my students decide to use their skills to pursue a professional career in music, but many of them perform often at these and other venues: The High Dive, The Comet, Neumos, Chop Suey, Skylark, The Mix, The Edgewater Hotel, and private events.

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