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My Curriculum for 5th Grade Ukulele and 6th Grade Guitar

Review of Palmer’s “The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume One”

I was the music instructor for 5th and 6th grades for the 2016-17 school year at Seattle Girls School. I created, developed, and taught my own curriculum, then evaluated two 6th grade guitar classes of 20 students per class and one 5th grade ukulele class of 14 students.

Since this was a new experience for me and I couldn’t find much help online, I thought I’d share a summary of the main points I covered, in case someone out there needs some general guidance. If there’s a need for more specific lesson plans or other materials for teaching guitar and ukulele to middle school students, I may publish a book of my worksheets and lesson plans. Continue reading

Common Chord Progressions

I had a basic chord diagram book when I was learning how to play guitar and the chords were grouped by key. I would spend hours playing chords in different combinations, and I would often stumble upon sequences that sounded like a song I had heard on the radio. Sometimes, it was easy to recall the name of the tune, and other times the chord progression just sounded *really* familiar. It turns out, there are a handful of chord progressions that are used in thousands of popular songs.

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The Best Apps for Guitar Students and Guitar Teachers

unnamed-23I’m often asked which apps I use and recommend to students and other guitar instructors. Here are a few that I really dig. I’ll keep updating this list as I discover more useful apps.

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200+ Jam Tracks on iReal Pro for “The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume Two”


I was shocked to learn that Apple does not make computers with built in CD players anymore, so I inputed the music for all the jam tracks from my book, The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume Two  into the iReal Pro app. Besides giving students and fellow teachers a new way to access the play-a-long music from the method book, there are a lot of cool benefits for students:

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Awesome Small Scale Guitar Gear

I wrote a post a while back about a cheap 3/4 guitar I fell in love with at The Guitar Store. I still play that guitar (I actually now own 3 of them) and lately I have been finding more awesome small gear that I wanted to share with you. I’m still looking for really nice 3/4 guitars with a nut width about 38mm, and I’ll keep you posted when I find it. I’m currently playing a 1964 Fender Duo Sonic and a cheap acoustic guitar that also has a narrow neck. Continue reading

How To Create Effective Music Studio Policies

unnamed-64Every business deals with customers who don’t pay their bills, and self-employed music teachers can be significantly impacted when this happens in their studios. Because many musicians earn their living by teaching lessons, it’s important for them to have solid tuition policies in place. Continue reading

What Should You Charge for Teaching Guitar Lessons?


If you are new to teaching guitar lessons or you want to stay competitive, it’s important to evaluate your service and decide on an hourly rate that makes sense for you and your students. Business savvy folks will tell you to simply charge as much as you can so your schedule stays full. I encourage you to think about your location, value, and your competition as you calculate your hourly rate for private music lessons.

Deciding on a rate and implementing a new fee structure may seem like a stressful guessing game but when you understand the important factors, you will feel more confident now and you will know how to grow professionally so you can increase your rates in the future. Continue reading

What Should You Study to Become a Good Guitarist?

unnamed-51It’s undeniable that you need to master the fundamentals of music in order to reach your full potential on the guitar. What are the fundamentals of music that are important for guitarists to study, and what is the best way to learn them? Let’s take a look. Continue reading