Chord Tone Soloing

Chord tone soloing is all that kids are talking about these days. 🙂 Actually, it’s what people like Carol Kaye are still talking about. If you’ve been soloing with scales, you’ve probably noticed that some notes sound better at certain times than others. Why? (They’re in the correct scale, right?!) Here’s the deal: The strongest, safest, or “best” notes to play are the notes that are in the chord that is being played behind your solo. And chords change quickly in songs, so you’ve got to have a really good, progressive, systematic way to study them so you can be sure to play all the right notes at all the right times. (It goes deeper than that, but you get the general idea.)

That’s what Part Two of The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume Two is all about. And that’s why it includes over 8 hours of jam tracks for practice. It’s tough stuff, but time will go by anyway so you might as well learn your chord tones really well. Whether you need a lot of structure (weekly lessons) or you want to study on your own with the 4 Year Weekly Guitar Lesson Guide, order your books and get started today!

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21) Tired of Pentatonic and Major Scale Patterns = Page 91:

22) Emphasizing Chord Tones in Your Solos = Page 91:

23) How to Learn the Chord Tones = Page 91:

24) Chord Tones, Modes and Position Playing = Pages 92-148:

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