Chords, Scales, and Theory

I recorded these videos in 2006-07 when cameras were expensive and not as good as they are today. The nice thing is that the fundamentals of music have not changed in all these years! In this series, you’ll learn essential chords, scales, and basic music theory. But it’s not just about knowing a bunch of chords. Here you’ll learn how to change from one chord to another chord clearly and on time. Want to play the blues and take a solo? How about accompany a singer through a jazz standard? Wait, what’s a 7th chord? And what exactly is the CAGED system?

Part Two of the The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume One offers students a clear, progressive, guide to learning chords and scales, while learning some basic music theory. Whether you need a lot of structure (weekly lessons) or you want to study on your own with the 4 Year Weekly Guitar Lesson Guide, order your books and get started today!

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7a) 1-2, 1-3, 1-4 Hammer-On and Pull-Off Exercises, Open Position Chords, Tab, Scales and Riffs = Pages 97-120:

7b) Chord Jam Play-A-Long for Open Chords, Popular Chord Progressions, and Basic Strum Patterns = Pages 102-116:

8) 1-2, 2-3, and 2-4 Hammer-On and Pull-Off Exercises, The Chromatic Scale and Power Chords = Pages 121-124:

9) 2-3-4-5-6 Barre Exercises, Major, Minor, Dominant 7th Chords = Pages 125-128:

10) E Minor Pentatonic and C Major Scale Patterns = Pages 129-132:

11) Major7, Minor 7 = Pages 133-134, 144, 146:

12) Minor 7b5, Diminished, Dominant 9, Dominant 7b9 = Pages 135-137:

13) Pages 68-70 and 138-140 = Major Scale and Chord Theory:

14) Pages 143-148 = The “C-A-G-E-D” System:

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