College Music Theory

If you are already studying guitar at a college or university, or if you are gearing up for it, these concepts are the ones you need to know to reach your full potential on guitar. But knowing them is not enough. You have to be able to apply them to your instrument.

Part One of The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume Two is a music theory workbook that will help you internalize the music theory concepts that are most important for guitarists to know. Whether you need a lot of structure (weekly lessons) or you want to study on your own with the 4 Year Weekly Guitar Lesson Guide, order your books and get started today!

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1) The Chromatic Scale = Pages 7-8:

2) The Major Scale = Pages 9-11:

3) The Circle of 5ths = Page 12:

4) The Circle of 4ths = Page 12:

5) Major and Minor Triads = Pages 13-14, 30-32:

6) Augmented and Diminished Chords = Pages 14-15, 33-36:

7) Seventh Chords = Pages 16-19:

8) Intervals = Pages 20-29:

9) Harmonizing the Major Scale = Page 37:

10) Chord Progressions = Pages 37-41:

11) The Natural Minor Scale = Page 42:

12) Harmonizing the Natural Minor Scale = Page 43:

13) Modes of the Major Scale = Pages 44-56:

14) Modes of the Melodic Minor Scale = Pages 57-69:

15) Modes of the Harmonic Minor Scale = Pages 70-82:

16) The Diminished Scale = Pages 83-84:

17) The Dominant Diminished Scale = Pages 85-86:

18) The Whole Tone Scale = Pages 87-88:

19) Tritone Substitution = Page 89:

20) Soloing Over the Dominant 7 Chord = Page 90:

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