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Susan Palmer of Lead Cat Press

Address: 911 E. Pike Street #219   Seattle, WA 98122


Phone: 206.349.3226

Susan Palmer teaches jazz, blues, and rock guitar styles in Seattle and via webcam. She is the author of The Guitar Lesson Companion Method Book Series, which is used by thousands of teachers and students in over 10 countries, including faculty at Berklee College of Music. Palmer was the guitar instructor at Seattle University from 2006-18, she taught at University of Washington’s summer jazz workshop in 2018, she was music instructor at Seattle Girls School for the 2016-17 school year, and she created and taught, “The Rock Project” at Cornish College of the Arts from 2010-15. Palmer’s current and former students perform regularly throughout the country, including these Seattle venues: The Comet, The High Dive, Bumbershoot, Skylark, Neumos, The Hard Rock Cafe, Chop Suey, The Tractor Tavern, The Rendezvous, The Sorrento Hotel, The Crocodile, The Mix, Cafe Racer, The Edgewater Hotel, The Sunset, and more.

Why I’m offering this FREE 5 Year Online Guitar Course:

  • Because it’s almost impossible for young musicians to be accepted into college music programs unless they have had years of private music lessons, which cost thousands of dollars. That means that the only students who can study music in college are the ones who could afford music lessons in high school. That’s not fair, and it’s something I’ve addressed in the Faculty Fellows Program I completed at Seattle University while introducing Academic Service Learning to my courses in 2010. I hope that students can use this FREE Online Guitar Course along with the book (just $40) and take periodic lessons with me, or another good teacher. This is much more affordable than weekly lessons, and still an effective way to learn the concepts they need to get into music schools, or play well for their own enjoyment. The more books I sell, the more scholarships I can offer to students who cannot afford to take lessons.
  • To help new guitar teachers who may need help creating lesson plans for their students. These teachers may also need a quick refresher of a concept, or to see a new way of presenting material to their students. There are so few guitar teachers who teach the fundamentals of music to all of their students, and I want to help make it easier for them to teach these important concepts. (Fellow Guitar Teachers: Let’s hang in the Teacher’s Lounge to see if I can help you)
  • This information will help my current Seattle University students and my private students stay on track and get the most out of their time with me. By referring them to lesson videos here, they can get help in between lessons, or move faster through the material if they feel like it.
  • I know a lot of folks are busy these days, and they may want to work at their own pace. Since the best way to learn is to study with a good guitar teacher, working through the material independently and then checking in with me (or another teacher who uses this series) when they complete a section or have a question can be very efficient and effective.