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College music students must pass several units of Ear Training, and many students need more study tools than what college programs offer. I've found that ear training apps (like my favorite one called EarMasterare wonderful, but they are significantly more effective when students combine them with immersion exercises they can listen to and sing along with in between testing sessions with the app

These immersion tracks cover the full range of the guitar, and you can get the most out of them by following these basic suggestions or by following your instructor's guidance.

1) Listen to a track until you can sing each interval after it is played. This may take a week or longer, with about 5-10 min. of daily practice.

2) Use the "Interval Singing" Custom Exercise in EarMaster to test yourself until you reach 100% on 100 questions. Don't rush, unless you don't want to enjoy the full benefits of having good ears. Even if it takes a month of practice, I assure you it is worth it! When there is no doubt in your mind (or ear!) that you can hear and sing the interval on the spot, you are ready to move on to the next interval, but don't forget to cycle back and review/combine intervals as your ears grow stronger.

👂If you are using EarMaster on your phone, you can either subscribe for a monthly fee and get all the packs, or you can make a one time purchase of the "Customized Exercise Bundle" for $9.99

I recommend focusing on one interval at a time until you have complete comprehension.

Minor 2nds Ascending: Jaws
Minor 2nds Descending: Fur Elise
Major 2nds Ascending: Happy Birthday
Major 2nds Descending: Mary Had a Little Lamb
Minor 3rds Ascending: Smoke on the Water
Minor 3rds Descending: Hey Jude
Major 3rds Ascending: Oh When the Saints
Major 3rds Descending: Summertime
Perfect 4ths Ascending: Here Comes the Bride
Perfect 4ths Descending: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Tritones Ascending: The Simpsons
Tritones Descending: Blue Seven
Perfect 5ths Ascending: Star Wars
Perfect 5ths Descending: Flinstones
Minor 6ths Ascending: Black Orpheus
Minor 6ths Descending: 100 Years (Five for Fighting)
Major 6ths Ascending: My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
Major 6ths Descending: Man in the Mirror (Chorus)
Minor 7ths Ascending: Somewhere (There's A Place for Us)
Minor 7ths Descending: Watermelon Man
Major 7ths Ascending: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Major 7ths Descending: I Love You


To help make my music education program accessible, all tracks are free to stream on YouTube. For folks who would like to donate to my guitar studio (this money helps me offer scholarships to students) you can download the album and listen on your favorite device.

Ear Training on Guitar

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