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Summer / Fall 2021 Newsletter

Hello, Fellow Guitar Players!

The other day I was on a bike ride a few miles from home. An unexpected rainstorm came upon me, and I had no choice but to ride through the storm. I realized that’s what life has felt like these past few months. Just like everyone else, I had hoped we’d be in a better place by now, but here we are, riding thorough this storm. 



I continue to teach online and I’m offering in person lessons outside, on a case by case basis, here in Augusta. I do have a few open spots since my classes, gigs, and travel plans have all been put on hold, so reach out if you’d like to explore private online lessons. I also continue to offer group lessons to students who are living in the same household, using one screen. If you and your roommate, partner, or child would like to study this way with me, please email me and if I don’t have a time that works for you, I’ll put you on my waiting list.



A couple months ago, I started following Josh Klein on Instagram because he is an excellent player and I noticed that he also operates a teaching studio in PA. I really liked his style, and I asked him if I could send him a copy of The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume One to review. 

He posted a positive review after he looked it over, and a few days later he wrote to say that he was so blown away by the book, he wanted to interview me and post it on his YouTube channel. I had never done anything like that before, but I agreed and here’s an excerpt:

Most of his guitar students are now using my method books, and it feels great to know that I’ve helped him and his students. (Oh, and once he gets 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, he’s got a surprise project that I’ll be involved in, so please subscribe to his channel.) 



My conversation with Josh was so inspiring, and it prompted me to refresh my YouTube Channel, which I started way back in 2006. I’ve just added a playlist for backing tracks in all 12 keys and another playlist for all 12 bass drone notes, and I reorganized the space to make room for new content. I’ve also added an Index of all my YouTube Videos on my site to help make it easier to find the videos you need. Please check it out and let me know what you think!



TrueFire offers guitar single courses and an annual membership plan for their whole site, and the material goes well with "The Guitar Lesson Companion" method books and our lessons. They have many sales each year, but this is the sale that offers the lowest annual membership ($99 instead of $249.) 



Please bookmark Susan Palmer’s Guitar Studio Shop Entrance so that a percentage of your total purchase will help me continue to provide free content online as well as more scholarships for private students.



It truly amazes and inspires me to know that there are so many good people doing their best during these extraordinarily challenging times. I see you, and I’m proud of you.


Susan Palmer
Lead Cat Press, LLC
263 Water St. Unit 507 Augusta, ME 04330