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Studio Updates & Group Guitar Class Schedule

Spring 2021 Newsletter

Hello, Fellow Guitar Players!

You don’t need me to remind you what a challenging year this has been, but I do want to express gratitude for being able to continue the work I love with students over the internet. I’ve seen students make incredible strides this past year, and I’m looking forward to hearing everyone perform again. I have fond memories of walking home from my studio on Capitol Hill at night and stopping by several venues on my way home to check out students’ shows, and I hope to be able to experience something similar in the future.

I’m looking forward to getting vaccinated next month, and I imagine I’ll be jamming and playing some outdoor shows this summer in Maine. I will be visiting Seattle once things are safe to do so, but I don’t have my plane tickets just yet. (I’m immune compromised, so I do have to take all the guidance from our scientists very seriously.) 

To make it easier for everyone to watch my 31 day lesson riff challenge, I’ve posted it all on
YouTube and I've compiled all of the PDFs here for a $5 donation. I created chapters so you can quickly find the lessons, in case you're not able to view them on Instagram. (I still have this page up for folks who do have Instagram.)

00:00  Introduction
00:05  1 Self Assessment
01:17  2 Chromatic Scale Ideas
03:49  3 Minor Pentatonic Scales
05:23  4 Get Rhythm!
06:29  5 Dyads in Minor Pentatonic Scale
08:32  6 Minor Pentatonic Riff
08:52  7 Major Scale Construction, Sharp Keys
13:27  8 Circle of 5ths
15:23  9 Memorizing Major Scales
17:16  10 How to Practice
18:17  11 Major Scale Construction, Flat Keys
20:18  12 Circle of 4ths
21:18  13 Really Cool Chord Shapes
22:21  14 Major & Minor Triads
24:20  15 Close Triad Inversions
26:19  16 Open Triad Inversions
27:57  17 Harmonizing the Major Scales on Guitar
29:56  18 Harmonizing the Major Scales on Paper
31:31  19 Melodic Movement Using Triads
32:34  20 Soloing Strategies
34:59  21 Your Chord Notebook
36:54  22 Jazz Chords w/ Walking Bass
37:58  23 Neo Soul
39:23  24 Open Ears / Intro to Modes
42:25  25 Chord Punches w/ 3s and 7s
44:09  26 7th Chords & Major Key Harmony
45:13  27 More Chord Inversions
47:29  28 Harmonizing the Natural Minor Scale
49:27  29 Jazz Chord Riff
50:44  30 Chord Tones & More
52:18   31 Standard Notation & Closing 

If our schedules don’t line up for weekly private lessons or if you need more flexibility, a Video Lesson Exchange based around my Free 5 Year Online Guitar Course may be a good option. I want to make sure you’d be a good fit for this program before signing up, so email me and I’ll let you know what I think. Tuition is $150 per month, and I have availability for 4 students. You may be directed to pick up either The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume One or Volume Two before we begin.

I continue to offer group lessons to students who are living in the same household, using one screen. If you and your roommate, partner, or child would like to study this way with me, please email me and if I don’t have a time that works for you, I’ll put you on my waiting list.

I hope to offer some small group guitar classes outdoors in Augusta this summer, so stay tuned if you'd like to be notified when that happens.


I believe that in a 100 mile race, the halfway point is at 90 miles, and I feel we are about halfway though this challenging time. I wish strength, kindness, and love to you all during this last stretch of the pandemic.

Susan Palmer
Lead Cat Press, LLC
263 Water St. Unit 507 Augusta, ME 04330