Spring 2022 Newsletter

Hello, Fellow Guitar Players!

I hope you are well and you are enjoying Spring! As usual, I’ve been working on several music education projects alongside my online teaching, and I’d like to take a moment to share them with you. 


This March, I participated in She Shreds annual One Riff a Day Challenge. Unlike last year, where I posted a lesson each day, this year I played some original pieces and some of my favorite tunes. It was tough to fit into my schedule, but I managed to post all 31 days on Instagram for the 4th consecutive year. Here's the complete videoAll 31 Riffs for 2022

At the end of the month, I was asked by She Shreds Media to teach an online class for the community, and it was really cool to connect with folks online! The best part is that you can check it all out here: Music Theory Class (and PDF!)



I continue to teach private lessons online, and I do have a few spots that will open up in June, so this is a great time to mesage me about signing up. As our weather warms up (but not too much!) I will also be offering an outdoor guitar class in Augusta, which is so exciting!!! I am working out the details, but now is a good time to reach out so I can put you on that list if you are interested to learn more. 

Recent Review from a Student: 

Susan is an amazing teacher, mentor, author AND person. I've been playing guitar for years but was lacking a lot of music theory and practice structure. In our very first lesson I learned more music theory than I had in 18 years of playing. Now I've been taking lessons for over 2 years and have grown exponentially as a guitarist. 

Susan's structured approach feels very grounded and comfortable, and the way she holds me kindly and firmly accountable to practice has pushed me to grow and be more confident in my playing. She is probably the most brilliant teacher you will ever meet. 

In addition, I teach guitar lessons myself and use her amazing book to teach. She's mentored me a lot in my teaching, and my students adore her book. Her book deserves its own review- it's structured, clear, and packed full of information that all guitarists crave but rarely have access to. 

Susan is also an incredibly humble and kind person. She was really supportive of me when I had to take time off lessons for family reasons, and she continued to check up on me every few days to make sure I was ok. Susan is the best! 



I continue to create videos for YouTube, with the hope of funding more scholarships through their monetization program. Here are some new things you might want to explore, and always, my Video Index is an easy way to find all the videos I have posted: 

Song Tutorials:
35+ Beginning - Intermediate Songs for Strum Patterns
Autumn Leaves Guitar Arrangement Using Shell Voicings
Like Someone in Love Chord Melody Arrangement Using CAGED

Extended Backing Tracks for Minor Scales: (Scale Patterns here)
C Minor
F Minor

Bb Minor
Eb Minor
G# Minor
C# Minor
F# Minor
B Minor
E Minor
A Minor
D Minor
G Minor

Addition to the Jazz Series:
Simple 12 Bar Jazz Blues in ALL KEYS, 2 min each



TrueFire is a site that contains supplemental guitar video courses, and their material goes well with The Guitar Lesson Companion method books. Recently, I recommended 30 Beginner Jazz Licks to a student and it's got some great ideas that expand upon the chord tones we have worked on in our lessons. Also, since I am affiliate, all sales help fund scholarships.



If you use my shop link to enter the Amazon site, a percentage of your total order (up to 8%) goes into my scholarship fund. I know it takes a second to bookmark the page and remember to use it, but otherwise the money just goes back to Amazon. Amazon.com/shop/leadcatpress




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