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April 2020 Newsletter

Hello, Fellow Guitar Players:

I hope you and your loved ones are well, and you are able to appreciate the good things that are happening in the world as we find our way through this time. I delayed this newsletter simply because I have been working hard to keep my business afloat and take care of the people around me. I am happy to be teaching lessons and classes in April. Here are a few things I've been up to: 

I moved my Capitol Hill Guitar Studio online during the second week of March, and I feel we have all adjusted to the shift much better than I could have imagined. I'm very thankful that most of my students have been able to continue their lessons with me, and I'm enjoying making more resources available for students, and offering feedback on the assignment videos students send me in between our lessons. Because of these lesson "add ons," and the increased time we have at home, I'm seeing students progressing at a faster pace, which is remarkable.

I've mailed out many copies of The Guitar Lesson Companion method book series these past few weeks, and I've been giving $5 per book to The Seattle Artists Relief Fund to help other artists and musicians in the Seattle area who are affected by COVID-19. If you can donate directly to them, please do.

On my FaceBook Page, I've been posting links to free music related products that I think are helpful. So far, many of my students have taken advantage of free ebooks, apps by Korg and Moog, and other limited time offers. As of right now, TrueFire and Apple (Logic Pro) have free 90 day trials that are worth checking out.

I'm adding more learning tools to my website each week, and I've also been reformatting each year of my FREE 5 YEAR ONLINE GUITAR COURSE, starting with Year One. Soon, besides looking cleaner and being easier to follow, I'll be adding song suggestions and a downloadable checklist for students who are using the course on their own with the books.

My YouTube channel has some new videos, including playing examples of the Diatonic Interval Studies PDF I mentioned last month. Right now, you can play along with Diatonic Thirds and Diatonic Fourths, and don't forget you can slow videos down on YouTube so you can get them correct before speeding them up!


We're all discovering how hard it is to maintain friendships while practicing social distancing, and often times it's the activities with friends that we miss the most, because sharing an experience strengthens our connections and creates memories we can share in the future.

So, this month instead of me forming classes based on student questionnaires, you are invited to form your own class of 2 or more friends (of fairly similar skill levels) who would like to take one guitar class together with me. I'll still gather information about you all and what you would like to get out of the class, but my intention is to give you and your friends a fun lesson that will inspire your guitar playing.

I'll offer these private classes on Sundays using Zoom, they will be 40 min. long, the cost is $35/student and I will have sliding scale available for folks affected by COVID-19.

Email to sign up:

Stay well, and reach out if you have any questions.

Susan Palmer
911 E. Pike St. STE 219
Seattle, WA 98122