Fall 2022 Newsletter

Hello, Fellow Guitar Players!

Stay Tuned! Periodic Newsletter from Susan Palmer's Guitar Studio

...And....Scene! After an almost never ending summer, it's finally Fall with lots of much needed rain and cooler temps. It's time for more guitar! Here are a few things I've been up to that I want to share with you.


I was so happy to find a weekly gig where I could work out some of my solo jazz guitar chops this summer. Maine Local Market, located in Hallowell,  hosted a Sunday Brunch series where I played mostly jazz standards for a couple hours each week. (Here's a short clip!) The food was delicious, the people were wonderful, and the space was incredible. There's nothing like playing music and eating good foods on a beautiful day while eagles dance above... I cannot wait for next season.

Because of COVID-19, I'm an outdoor cat. I have hope that eventually the indoor music venues will have improved ventilation / filtration systems so I can perform and listen to music year round. Until then, the outdoor gigs from this summer will have to keep me warm with memories.



I continue to teach private lessons online during the week, and I recently added a few weekend spots to better accommodate students on the east and west coasts. My schedule fills up quickly in the Fall, so this is a good time to email me about signing up for lessons.

Recent Reviews & Recommendations:

La Femme Pendu:
After playing guitar for more than half of my life, no methodology has had a greater impact on my technique than Susan's approach. Her well-rounded blend of theory and practice has transformed my relationship to the fretboard and filled the gaps in my education. Cannot recommend enough for the beginner and advanced alike.

Adam Levy:
I've been working through "The Guitar Lesson Companion, Vol.1" over the past two weeks. Loads of great material, presented thoughtfully. Palmer has clearly spent a lot of time working with students, as the resources here are exactly the sorts of things that guitar instructors lean on regularly: open-position chords (and transitioning between them), learning the notes on the fretboard, pentatonic scale patterns, chord theory, rhythm workouts, and so on. Whether you're an avid student or a dedicated teacher, I'd recommend this book as a keystone of your practice.



I create videos on YouTube to help my current students in between our lessons, and I also hope the monetization program allows me to offer  more scholarships in the future. Here are some new things to check out, and always, my Video Index is an easy way to find videos I have posted: 

Ear Training Program and Immersion Tracks
Free Sample Pages Download and Intro Lesson for The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume One
10 Reasons Not to Learn How to Read Music on Guitar 😜
Music Theory is Cool!



TrueFire is a site that contains supplemental guitar video courses, and their material goes well with The Guitar Lesson Companion method books. I've been watching the new Martin Taylor course on Solo Jazz Guitar, and I think it is a great course for late intermediate guitarists. Also, since I am affiliate, all sales help fund scholarships.



I read Peak Mind over the summer and I recommend it if you are looking for ways to improve your mindfulness in our very distracting world. And as always, if you use my shop link to enter the Amazon site, a percentage of your total order (up to 8%) goes into my scholarship fund. I know it takes a second to bookmark the page and remember to use it, but otherwise the money just goes back to Amazon. 




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