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Studio Updates & Group Guitar Class Schedule

July 2020 Newsletter

Hello, Fellow Guitar Players!

How are you all doing? What a wild ride 2020 has been so far! Even though I suspended my monthly newsletter and group classes back in April, you’ve all been on my mind. I’ve been focused on private lessons, creating new educational resources, and handling the sudden and unexpected reality of living in Seattle’s CHAZ/CHOP during this historic and essential Black Lives Matter movement. 

I have decided not to offer any group classes for the time being, due to technological limitations. I believe that students get the most out of the small group classes when they can play together, and due to internet latency, that’s just not possible online at this time. I will adapt my group course materials so they become as effective as “in person” group classes, but that will take some time. 

For now, my Free 5 Year Online Guitar Course is a good place to begin. Download the Free Sample Pages and try the first week’s lesson for Year One to see if it’s right for you, and feel free to sign up for an occasional private lesson as needed. You will need a copy of The Guitar Lesson Companion to get the most out of the free course, and I’m continuing to give $5 of each book sale to The Seattle Artists Relief Fund. This fund prioritizes artists from communities that have been historically and systemically economically disadvantaged in the Seattle Area: BIPOC artists, transgender & nonbinary artists, and disabled artists. 

If you’re looking for some new inspirations, check out my latest recommendations: 

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My favorite screen holder
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I hope you and your loved ones have good health and I hope your guitar practice/playing brings you joy and solace. Please reach out if you have any questions:


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