For the month of January 2021, I participated in the She Shreds 1 Riff A Day Challenge by creating a course covering fundamental of music concepts for guitarists. Since I already offer a Free 5 Year Online Guitar Course, this is a little different. I improvised my way through it each day, based on input I received from fellow participants, and the time I had to give each day. This was an ambitious project and I embraced the challenge along with 2,000+ other participants!

To make it easier for everyone to watch my 31 day lesson riff challenge, I’ve posted it all on YouTube and I've compiled all of the PDFS here for a $10 donation. I created chapters so you can quickly find the lessons, in case you're not able to view them on Instagram.

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January 1

Self-Assessment PDF

January 2

1) Additional Video for the Chromatic Scale
2) Chromatic Scale Worksheet PDF
3) Chromatic Scale Answer Sheet PDF
4) Things I've Learned from Barry Harris

January 3

1) E and A Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern PDF
2) E and A Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern Note Name Worksheet PDF

3) Jam Track in the Key of E minor
4) Hammer on and Pull Off Video Lesson

5) Jazz Advice: Advanced Minor Pentatonic Applications