I opened my YouTube account in 2006, and I began uploading videos to accompany my first book.I hope this page makes it easy to find the 200+ videos I have created, as well as showcase some new helpful materials for you. I also have this fun video of my dog, and this one of my neighborhood in Augusta, Maine.

Jam Tracks in All 12 Keys: 20 min each

These 20 min extended play along backing tracks correspond to the exercises on page 140 in The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume One. You are encouraged to practice open chords (where possible,) barre chords, triad inversions, single note solos, solos with chords and embellishments, and chord tones. You can also use these tracks to learn your key signatures, notes on the fretboard, and scale patterns. If you need help remembering the major scale patterns and the major pentatonic scale patterns, check this out.

Bass Drone Backing Tracks for all 12 Notes: 30 min each

Begin your daily practice session with one (or more) of these single note acoustic bass drone backing tracks. Not only will they give you the perfect backdrop for working out scales, arpeggios, and chords, but the simplicity will help you center yourself and connect with all music on a deeper level. Looking for scale ideas? Check here.

Warm Up Jazz Practice Jams

If you are studying jazz and you find yourself getting distracted when you practice, or you have limited time to practice, these jams are for you! Each track gives you about 2 min of time on each key, so you get a decent review of the scales and chord tones in a short amount of time. No fuss, no muss, just hit play and get the work done. :) Check out the Warm Up Jazz Practice Routine page for a clear breakdown of these videos.

Click to View Playlist on YouTube

Click to View Playlist on YouTube

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