In 2021, I participated in the She Shreds 1 Riff A Day Challenge on Instagram by offering one lesson riff each day. I had a lot of fun creating each lesson and corresponding PDFs, which you can check out here.

For 2022's Challenge, I decided to play just for fun, and I had a lot of fun! (Here's the video containing each day's post.) She Shreds also invited me to teach a live class covering some music theory concepts, and I made this page to house the learning materials that I provide during the class.

I taught a free class (via Zoom) on March 31, 2022, and I appreciate everyone who tuned in! I've posted the live class as well as a condensed version below. If you'd like to hear about future learning opportunities and studio updates, please subscribe to my mailing list here.

Watch the Condensed Class Now!

Watch The Live Class Now!

Other Things That Came Up in Class (PDF Below!)