If you are studying jazz and you find yourself getting distracted when you practice, or you have limited time to practice, these jams are for you! Each track gives you about 2 min of time in each key so you get a decent review of the scales, chord tones, and/or chord inversions in a seamless 25 min practice session. You could do this yourself with the iReal Pro and a timer, but these tracks help you focus on the music, not your phone. There's a breakdown and tips for each progression and chord vamp, and at the end of the page, you'll find simple links to all the exercises.

Simple ii-7 V7 I Chord Progression

The ii V I chord progression is the most important chord progression in jazz music, and it's also used in blues, and contemporary styles. This track is for guitarists and other concert key instruments (including singers) who want to master the two-five-one sequence by applying jazz licks or just getting the basic scales (dorian, mixolydian, ionian) under your fingers and in your ears. It's also great for working on chord inversions! Use the single chord vamps to work out ideas and prepare you for playing the ii V I track!

Simple ii V I

Minor 7 Chord Review

Dominant 7 Chord Review

Major 7 Chord Review

The ii-7 V7alt I Progression (The Jazz Sound!)

This is a little more advanced than the simple ii V I progression because the V7 chord is now altered. That means that the V7 chord may also contain a #5 or b5, and/or a #9 or b9. You can play the altered scale (a mode of the melodic minor scale) over it, but I do suggest you learn some licks from actual recordings you dig first, because it can be tricky to know what to play before hearing how to create and resolve tension.