I use The Guitar Lesson Companion method book series in my teaching studio on Capitol Hill, because when students have a solid understanding of the fundamentals, they can work through almost any intermediate/advanced level book or video lesson they discover.  

I've been a fan of TrueFire for many years because they put out high quality education videos that expand on many of concepts I teach my students in different genres. The site can be a bit overwhelming because there are thousands of lessons, so I've picked out some of my favorites below. (If you find there are just too many good ones, you can sign up for an All Access Membership, which you can get for a month, year, or lifetime.)


Corey Congilio's 50 Blues Rhythms You MUST Know

Corey Congilio's "50 Blues Rhythms You MUST Know"

"You'll learn a truckload of new voicings, new rhythmic patterns, new fills and even new right-hand techniques, all of which can be combined, transcribed and crafted into countless blues applications."

I can't agree more. This is a great course for guitarists who just have some basic guitar skills, as well as players who are looking for fresh ideas. It will get you grooving right away!

I recommend this course to my guitar students more than any other course.


Jason Loughlin's Take 5: Blues Chord Melody